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Paaramparik is a new age food brand that promises authentic natural products, having its roots firmly embedded in ancient India’s vast experience of the traditional methods of food preparation.

We are on a mission to revive the age-old habits of eating authentic and healthy food. Also, the current times are urging us to go back to the ancient Indian habits of eating healthy foods.

So, let’s go back to our Paaramparik roots to get the best possible healthy foods.

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It started as a personal need. We were trying to bring change in food habits for healthy living as it needs time. We first visited our native place, as our grandparents were farmers. It was an easy access for us to explore all types of farming produce (rice, banana, sugarcane, palm tree, fruit and vegetables). We were surprised that most farmers still use an age-old traditional type of farming, Farming without pesticides and using cow dung and dry leaves as manure.

Most of the chemical use in food product are primarily used in food processing plant which are added to increase the shelf life and looks of the produce. Most of the chemicals used are carcinogenic in nature also this industry exploits farmers in all possible ways. We sensed an opportunity to educate and provide safe food, so we decided to break the chain and provide the produce directly from the farmer to the consumer. We understood that the only thing that matters is healthy food.


Paaramparik’s motto is to unravel secrets of the food processing industry and take consumers to the traditional way of consuming food. We believe in Healthy plate, a healthy stomach and a happy life. For example, we have a variety of rice grain which is good for diabetic patients, another type good for weight loss, the same way we have more than 100 varieties of grain for different problems, but we are made to eat oats and avoid eating rice. Food industry has become very commercial and the traditional ways of eating food are somehow neglected. Still now if we are down under the weather, the first Indian thing we do is change what we eat.

For example, we eat Rasam, Curd rice, Kadda and Khichdi etc. Because food was always medicine and the kitchen was a dispensary. But now we catch disease just because of our food our motto is everybody deserves healthy food on their plate and knows what they are eating. Paaramprik is building bridge to fill gap between farmer and consumer and also farmer will get what they deserve.

Our Logo Significance

Puli Kolam or Rangoli is drawn using dots and lines. This is a 5000 years old tradition and is still practiced in India. Traditionally various motifs are drawn on the floor to feed insects and birds with designs made of edible grain and rice powder. Simple form of Kolam is making dots placed in a grid like framework which are then joined to take the form of a symmetrical shape or regular polygon, symmetry is key as Kolam dots are encircled inside and loop is formed. Infinite shape of Kolam is possible. Mathematical formulas were used to study this Kolam. This symbolizes happiness health and wealth thought life that why the loop. And even smallest form of living organism should get best food every day. This logo is perfect camouflage for Paaramparik mission. Healthy food and happy life for everyone.

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