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Paaramparik is an Indian-owned and based company reviving the Ancient Indian traditional method of food processing and serving 100% chemical free food products.
Our core values are purity, quality, and healthfulness. We serve organic daily groceries (oil, sugar, salt, rice, wheat, and dal) maintaining the taste and their nutritious richness.


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I absolutely LOVE having the fresh, organic food in our house. Eating healthy without effort – WOW! Thanks so much
Sharan SubramaniSocial Media Influencer

I found you through an internet search – you were the only website that focused on the key ingredients. I went to many sites and not one focused as well as you on antioxidants, cold pressed, unfiltered, etc. You were singing my song!
Janice S. – CA

I was looking for the best cold pressed oils for cooking because the refined oils nowadays don’t have any nutritional values in it. Paaramparik groundnut oil turns out to be the best as i am using it from past 7-8 months in cooking and it is having a nice aroma of actual groundnuts.
Charlotte De Witte – Techo Artist

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