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Our objective is to provide the best and fully natural food products to every home and family. We don’t differentiate between our customers and family and so, we want them to eat pure and live healthily.

With our cold pressing techniques, we make sure to retain all the nutritional elements that are lost in heat treatment. We don’t use any chemicals to refine our products and there are no added preservatives in it. Thus, bringing you an undefiled essence of nature.

Paramparik Store

At Paramparik we are too serious about the products we market because we believe in the best. We also believe that there are no alternatives to traditional methods of oil extraction and processing. We take extreme care in maintaining hygiene and preserving the high nutritional values of our products.


Plot no. 11, Airoli Naka, MIDC Industrial Area, Sector 1, Airoli, Navi Mumbai 400 708

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